Project Management ABC

By Lim Joo Seng

Project Management ABC ISBN 9789811126024

This book is presented in the way a training is being conducted, and focus on common project management principles and elements that can be found in successful project delivery. It able audience who is not a professional project manager to learn the fundamentals of project management. The audience can be experienced employee facing a role change from within his organization to become project manager. He will be able to manage projects related to his area of responsibility within the organization by learning the fundamentals that found in successful projects. Business owners of both small or medium size enterprise, and startup companies are also the targeted audiences of this book.

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Project Management ABC e-Book Edition PDF Format Project Management ABC e-Book Edition PDF Format 113 Pages File Sizes 1.63mb

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Project Management ABC ISBN-13: 978-9811126772
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Project Management ABC e-Book Edition Project Management ABC e-Book Edition

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